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Instructions for Use

  • For best results on joints and contoured areas, place dressing in a warmer up to a temperature of 105F/40C.

  • Prepare and clean the skin surrounding the incision and remove any excess moisture or debris. Remove dressing from warmer.

  • Using appropriate aseptic technique, open the package and remove the peel-away blue release liner from the dressing.

  • If the dressing is being placed on a flexible body part, apply the dressing while the part is in a neutral, non-flexed position.

  • Place the dressing over the incision ensuring that the incision touches only the soft inner dressing and not the adhesive of the hydrocolloid.

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Drawtex® Technology

Drawtex, which uses three unique mechanisms of action, lifts and moves exudate, slough, and debris away from the
wound surface. Clinical results have shown it to decrease wound exudate, tissue bacterial levels measured by quantitative bacteriology, nutrients for biofilm production, and deleterious cytokine levels such as matrix metalloproteinases (MMP-9).

All of the advantages of Drawtex Hydroconductive Wound Dressings:
· Draws off exudate
· Draws off debris
· Draws out bacteria
· Draws out deleterious cytokines



Necrotic Debris

Nutrients for Biofilm

Deleterious MMPs

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Drawtex® Surgical Features

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Product Available Sizes

 Size Incision Window
3.5″ x 6″ 2.875″ 1.125″ x 2.875″
3.5″ x 9.75″ 6.625″ 1.125″ x 6.625″
3.5″ x 12″ 8.875″ 1.125″ x 8.875″
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Metric  Window Catalog No.
9 x 15cm 2.9 x 7.3cm #00348
9 x 25cm 2.8 x 16.8cm #00349
9 x 30cm 2.8 x 22.5cm #00350
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